Eyes and Moon Graph Paper Notebook

Eyes and Moon Graph Paper Notebook

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Eyes and Moon Graph Paper Notebook (Paperback)

This graph/grid paper blank notebook is perfect for adding structure to measurements and drawings as well as mathematical work.

• Size: 6 x 9 in
• Pages: 120 Pages
• 5mm / 0.5cm squared
• Cartesian style (all grid lines are the same weight)
• Pages Colour: White
• Cover: Matte Finish

This item was created by Ekaterina Botziou under her planner/journal brand Pandorus Publishing. Your planner will be sent to you directly from Amazon and separately to any other products you may order from I Spy my Evil Eye. This is because we only stock a limited number of these books. 

If you would prefer to order this item directly from Amazon (for exactly the same price) you can do so via: https://amzn.to/34J2heb